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Old Schedule:

  • Scenic flight (1.5-2 hours) begins at 7 am from Anchorage goes through Lake Clark Pass to Port Alsworth to check out the Lake Clark Park Visitor Center (30 minute stop) or Stop over at the historic Proenneke cabin on upper Twin Lakes 
  • 1-hour flightseeing tour to the Katmai Visitor center at Brooks camp
  •  Brooks Camp and Falls viewing
  • 1-1.5 hour flightseeing through the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, past Katmai Crater and Kaguyuk Crater Lakes on the way.  Land in one of the crater lakes.
  • back to Lake Clark (Port Alsworth)
  • Fuel stop at Port Alsworth (15 minutes)
  • 1.5-2 hour return flight to Anchorage via Lake Clark Pass


10000 smokes


Lake Clark National Park and Proenneke’s Cabin at Twin Lakes:

8 hour day trip


  • Scenic flight (2-2.5 hours) begins at 8 am from Anchorage to Lake Clark Pass and Port Alsworth, with flyby or stop at the Cave Waterfall
  • Five minute flight to Kotrashibuna Lake and 1-mile hike round trip to the Tanalian Falls or 3-mile hike one-way back to Port Alsworth (plane will fly back and meet you there if you choose this option).
  • Thirty-minute flight to the famed historic Proenneke cabin on upper Twin Lakes, with stop at Priest Rock on Lake Clark.
  • Explore the Hope Creek area. Sights include Dick’s and Spike’s cabins, Hope Creek, and Teetering Rock.  Make sure you have watched
  • Thirty-minute flight back to Port Alsworth (short fuel stop).
  • Two-hour scenic flight over Double Glacier back to Anchorage ends at 4 pm.

Kontrashibuna Lake

* All routes and times are subject to pilot’s discretion and passenger’s keeping to the schedule. Passengers can spend more time at one location or flight seeing if desired but this will shorten the time at others. 

** Price based on passengers and personal items combined weight of 350 lbs, fuel surcharge required for greater than 350 but upper limit of the plane is 425 lbs for this length of trip. 

Normal Services (mainly for week nights)

  • Flight Seeing $150 – $$$/per person/double occupancy, typically you will want to spend around $300 to see over 100 glaciers and possibly land at the face of calving glacier


  • Float Plane Air Taxi
    •  Economy Fare as low as $90 when coordinated with other riders, when you aren’t in a big hurry and can wait till someone else wants to go or is coming back on the other end, but don’t want to drive to valley lakes or other distinations.
    • First Class Fare: Immediate on-demand service when you need to be somewhere quick  ($175 pp/dbl occ or $240 pp/sgl occ to the valley lakes)
  • Float Plane Rides $50-$100/per person/double occupancy, really awesome way to see Williwaw Valley and fly through Suicide Peaks, get a pic of your house and fly over downtown.
  • Weddings, Events, Parties Price based on number of people and length of time you want the plane to be at the event. Awesome party favor, 93330 basically takes everyone up for a spin, requires the party to be on a lake, I can provide a few different locations if you are looking for a venue, price is optimized because we can mix and match different weight individuals to keep the plane full.  The dock or beach must be compatible with the plane.
  • Custom Excursions for Two People Best for two people who want to get out in the wilderness for the weekend when they are short on time but not on money.


Other than providing the normal services listed above, my unique plan is to position the plane at a different location each weekend and provide short air taxi services from that hub for the weekend.  This allows the participants of that weekend to have air support for the weekend at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

This low cost solution is achieved because the group drives to the remote “Hub” and splits to the cost to reposition the plane from Lake Hood to the “Hub” for the weekend. You can either camp at the hub, stay in a hotel at the hub or stay at one of the ends of the spokes off the hub. I really hope that everybody stays/camps at the end of the recommend spoke, but a huge cost savings can be had if every time we get to the the end of a spoke and drop someone off we’re also bringing someone back. That way there’s no deadhead legs i.e. Legs without any passengers.

Hub locations are open to suggestion and it would be great to find private land owners who want to be a Hub, but the ones I was thinking of for this summer are: Homer, Kenai Lake, Wood Tikchik (Dillingham), Valdez (Robe Lake).  Hope to do them all at least once, but maybe more!

  • Homer HUB is the Seaplane Base on the spit providing drop offs at the beginning of the weekend various lakes within 15-45 minutes. The main lake I would like everyone to go to is Gore Point Lake because it is a few feet from a big beach on the Gulf of Alaska! The other really cool one is Delight Lake but need to work with native corporation to make sure we respect their property.  


Katchemak Bay State Park (Emerald, China Poot and Port Dick Lake). I have a permit which allows me to provide air taxi services to the lakes in the state parks.

Delight Lake: You’re responsible for understanding the use of Port Graham Village Corporation lands in Kenai Fjord’s National Park  (Link to use of Port Graham lands)(Link to map of the area), Kenai Fjord’s Map need to reconfirm that this area has a public easement for use up to 24 hours which doesn’t require a permit, otherwise you will need to contact them for the details (Link for permit form).  I spoke with them last year and it was ok for us to privately use the area for a 24 hour period without a permit.


Delight Lake and Mcarty Lagoon is in the picture above from DEC report (

Gore Point Lake and Gore Point Beaches: We land on the lake in the upper right and walk over to the long beaches in the bay.  Just like in Fiji!? The big beach is about a mile long.

Port Dick beaches

This is the lake, but time will be all spent on the beachIMG_2460

30 minutes from Homer on the Southern shores of Kachemak Bay State Park!


Kenai Lake HUB with access to:

Locations from the Kenai Lake HUB.

  • Various beaches in middle of Kenai lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Russian River Lakes
  • Ressurection Trail Lakes (Trout, Juneau, Swan)
  • Paradise Lakes
  • The Prince Williams Sound locations are 45 minutes and don’t probably meet the definition of “low cost” but it is all relative, they are awesome.  Main Bay Lake has a fish processing facility that is about two miles down a road, they give tours and are super nice. 
  • The Little Johnstone Lake location is about 30 minutes and has extra costs to use cabin and tent sites, but is really cool and a 16×16 ft tree house 20 ft off the ground will be available in July (it also has internet!)

 IMG_2456One of the Prince Williams Sound LocationsCulross Lake

Wood-Tikchik HUB State Park: Participants fly on major airline to Dillingham and take a bus or car to the State Park. Where they will meet 93330 and be shuttled to their choice of destination for the weekend or longer (This one may be better done over at least 4 days).  Shuttle flight are from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

FullSizeRender (1)

Valdez HUB (Robe Lake)

Columbia Glacier, Cooper River, Cordova and Tebay Lakes are the awesome destinations out of either of this HUB.


Chris Ruff

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If you read all the way to here, tell me so when you make your reservation and I will give you 15% off the $175 pp/dbl occ normal rate.