Ruff Alaskan Adventures Flight Blog

6/26/2017: Prince Williams Sound: Took two guys out to College Fjord.  On the way saw an iceberg all alone, flew over there and it had a momma and two baby seals lounging in it and as we got closers saw many more seals.  I think the guys got some good pics, can’t wait to see them.  Continued on to Coghill Lake but didn’t see any salmon at the weir.  Then onto the glaciers, saw the Harvard Glacier calve while we were their and flew by many, many others.  We cheated a little, saw two brown bears, a black bear and may other animals when we flew over the Wildlife center by Portage.  The Portage pass way clear both ways through, thank you science and government for providing cell service and webcams on both sides of the pass along with real time weather for most of the flight.  Probably wouldn’t have done this trip if I wasn’t able to monitor weather and the real time webcams at the pass.  Knew exactly what we would find when we got there

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